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Extant - Season 2

Canceled 13 Episodes
Nonton Extant Season 2. In the second and final season of this sci-fi thriller Extant, Molly (Halle Barry) begins coping with losing Ethan (Pierce Gagnon), only to realize his programming is intact, meaning he is still alive. However, an act of betrayal sees her lose Ethan again and, coupled with the sudden death of a loved one in the season premiere, sends Molly spiraling out of control. Later, she becomes wrapped up in a murder investigation with detective JD Richter (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), but it proves to be a far more complex than meets the eye. Elsewhere, a more powerful Humanich named Lucy (Kiersey Clemons) is created and a deadly plot against the alien hybrids surfaces, putting Molly, Ethan, JD and others directly in harm's way.
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42m 2015 311 views

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